For over 130 years, we have not only developed and manufactured traditional cleaning agents of the highest quality, but have also acted as a reliable partner for innovative and ecological products.  With our GREEN eco-product line, we are making an active contribution to environmental protection. The brand name GREEN expresses our commitment to natural-based cleaning agents and detergents made from renewable raw materials and offering advanced, first-rate cleaning performance, even for challenging applications. Our unique portfolio features the full range of solutions needed for contemporary hygiene management.


Relavit® protect

Eliminates the need for additional immersion cleaning!

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Relacare – legionella

Legionella monitoring to protect your health and that of your guests.

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Time-efficient washing

Our formula for saving time on washing.

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New GREEN products

New GREEN products

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Apart from manufacturing cleaning agents, vanBaerle has for many years provided services aimed at promoting cleanliness and efficiency.

You too can benefit from our expertise. Why not accept our offer of professional support based on our best-practice methods?

Our services will help you save time, improve cleaning quality, streamline resources and cut costs.

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A wealth of expertise gathered over many decades makes vanBaerle the ideal partner in all areas of sustainable hygiene management. 

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Service Center

Our service center employees will accept and process your orders.

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Customer advisers

Our customer advisers will carry out surveys, conduct product tests and hold product training courses at your sites.

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Technical support

Our maintenance technicians will visit you at regular, individually agreed intervals.

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The washing and cleaning products we choose today have direct implications for the future. That is what led us to develop the GREEN range for you, our customers. The efficient, sustainable washing and cleaning products will guarantee long-lasting cleanliness and absolute hygiene in all your applications.

At the same time, the incorporated eco-friendly raw materials will have minimum impact on our health and the environment, both now and in future.

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vanBaerle Swiss Hygiene s.r.o., Pardubice

Established in 2010, our Czech subsidiary, vanBaerle Swiss Hygiene s.r.o., now employs a staff of six at the site in Pradubice. From there, vanBaerle supplies the European market with top-quality cleaning products.

vanBaerle Swiss Hygiene GmbH

Our German subsidiary, vanBaerle Swiss Hygiene GmbH, was established in Lörrach in August 2017. vanBaerle Swiss Hygiene GmbH is currently operated by our Münchenstein staff. Warehousing and logistics are handled by one on-site employee. The Lörrach subsidiary supports the sale of our cleaning products in Germany.