Relavit® protect I Consistent dishwashing performance and additional protection – day in, day out.

Use of our biotechnological, enzyme-based detergent booster will allow you to dispense with any additional immersion during dishwashing.

Make sure you save valuable time and money!

Daily use of our auxiliary GREEN eco-product Relavit® protect will enable you to cut your annual product costs by at least 30% while completely eliminating any manpower needed for additional immersion.

Make the best of every washing cycle and:

  • stop wasting company resources on additional immersion
  • optimize your manpower deployment
  • improve occupational safety
  • permanently enhance dishwashing performance
  • extend dish protection
  • maximize hygiene

Achieve exceptional dishwashing results through the use of innovative, fully integrated product components. In combination with modern technology, our sustainable product range offers you a process solution that is dovetailed to your needs.

Why not try out our premium-grade Relavit® protect product? 


Relavit® protect

Eliminates the need for additional immersion cleaning!

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Legionella monitoring to protect your health and that of your guests.

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New GREEN products

New GREEN products

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