Organo Mineral Binder

Wouldn't it be groundbreaking if you could combine all the advantages of silicate paints with those of standard dispersion paints and simply omit all the disadvantages?
Our outstanding research and development team teamed up with the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and searched intensively for a solution. The result is our Organo Mineral Binder, or OMB for short. A highly flexible binder that works completely without biocides, resists water and UV radiation without any problems, and adheres equally securely to mineral and organic substrates.


Our vision

Our goal was to incorporate mineral properties into a high-quality organic system. To this end, we developed a hybrid binder with organic and mineral polymers. In addition, we wanted to create a physicochemical bond between the organic and mineral molecules.

The bond between the two types of polymers should guarantee very good flexibility and great liquid water resistance, while not compromising water vapor permeability.

We chose acrylic polymers with low Tg to avoid the use of coalescing agents. The final binder should not contain any biocides.

We set ourselves high goals and achieved them.


Our way to the goal


If you look closely, you can visualize the different steps in the development of OMB:

Figure 1 (4000x magnification) shows a standard mixture of styrene acrylic polymer and standard silicate, as used in the paint and coatings industry. The mineral polymer (dark), which forms a brittle, glassy domain, is clearly visible.

Figure 2 (4000x magnification) shows a high-quality acrylic polymer mixed with an innovative mineral polymer from vanBaerle. As can be seen, the mineral polymer (silicate) is well dispersed (distributed) in the organic polymer matrix.

Images 3a and 3b show the final hybrid organo-mineral binder, which consists of an acrylic polymer combined with a mineral polymer. Both images are identical - 3a is magnified 40000 times, 3b 5000 times.



What OMB offers

Fascinating flexibility

OMB achieves 100% magnification at 3.0 MPa.

Unbelievable UV resistance

Even after more than 500 hours of direct sunlight, OMB inks show hardly any color changes.

Amazing adhesion

On mineral and organic substrates:

Stunningly biocide-free

OMB is formulated to be completely biocide-free.
Addition of preservatives in the final packaging is not necessary.

Impressive water impermeability

OMB reliably prevents the penetration of liquid water.
W24 0.023 (DIN EN ISO 1062-3)


Would you like to know more?

Then contact our expert!

Michel Ledeur, head of our R&D laboratory, developed OMB together with his team and in cooperation with the university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) Nordwestschweiz. 

Michel Ledeur has more than 17 years of experience as R&D team leader in the coating industry. Before he joined vanBaerle, he developed very innovative technologies at PPG Industries and at Atotech.


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