For over a century, vanBaerle has been producing high-quality silicates that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Our employees visit customers worldwide and partner them in the development of the exact product that they need. Silicates are sustainable materials that lend themselves to use as additives or finished products in a wide variety of applications. Our silicates are applied, among other things, in welding, concrete finishing, fire-resistant glass production and as adhesives.


Innovation & Quality

Our aim is to support our customers by supplying them with purpose-developed products and services. We will help you simplify your procedures, enhance your market presence and boost your success. For very specialized applications, we will partner you in innovating exclusive products and customized solutions. Our highly qualified employees will be pleased to visit you for this purpose.

Our development and applications support laboratory focuses on devising and refining solutions for diverse contemporary and future uses of silicates. We endeavour to anticipate challenges well in advance and find the best response to the demands of an ever-changing world. Our operations are geared, in equal measure, to customer satisfaction, environmental compatibility, product performance and high-quality service. 

Markets & Applications


Subsidiaries & Partners

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vanBaerle Silicates (S) Pte Ltd, Singapur

vanBaerle has been represented in Asia by its subsidiary vanBaerle Silicates (S) Pte Ltd since 10 August 2000. A four-strong team based in Singapore works to strengthen vanBaerle's presence in the Asian market. 

vanBaerle Silicates Taiwan Co Ltd, Taichung

Our subsidiary vanBaerle Silicates Taiwan Co Ltd was founded in 2012.

Five years later, on 19 April 2017, we opened our new silicate plant in the Taiwanese port of Taichung. The 5,250m2 site is currently run by nine employees working in the laboratory and production. From its Taichung base, the vanBaerle subsidiary has now been supplying the Asian market with Swiss-quality silicates since autumn 2017.

vanBaerle VS s.r.o., Bratislava

In 2008, vanBaerle set up a joint venture, vanBaerle VS s.r.o., in partnership with the Czech KOMA Group.

Zaclon Inc., Cleveland

Zaclon Inc., based in Cleveland, represents the vanBaerle Group in the USA.

Renotech Oy, Turku

Renotech Oy, based in Turku, Finland, represents the vanBaerle Group in Scandinavia.

Tillmanns S.P.A., Mailand

Tillmanns S.P.A., based in Milan, represents the vanBaerle Group in Italy.

Építéstechnikai Fejlesztő és Szolgáltató Kft., Budapest

Építéstechnikai Fejlesztő és Szolgáltató Kft., based in Budapest, represents the vanBaerle Group in Hungary.

Märkte & Anwendungen